Kiez Burn is a non-profit cultural event that celebrates beauty and life in accordance with the 11 Kiez Burn Principles, aimed at fostering community, creativity, and self-expression. It usually takes place over the course of five days around summer solstice.

Exclusively organized by volunteers, money can not be used on site at the main event, and this creates an ideal environment for a temporary shared community, deep connections and new discoveries. The focus is not so much to party, but more on interaction of the participants, interactive ideas, art and light installations, performances, workshops, talks and lots of music. We are very caring towards our environment, and leave no trace.

This year’s Kiez Burn had 1250 participants and happened 19-23 June 2024.

The motto of the event is “Participate, don't spectate”. Any money not spent on production goes directly into art grant scholarships, that help participants realize their dreams of creating installations, performances, workshops, spaces, and much more. We believe this synergy and emphasis on community already exists in Berlin, and can take a new form during the event.

The purpose of this local burn is to bring together individuals from the global and local community who share a passion for self-expression and creativity. It will provide participants with the opportunity to connect with one another, participate in various workshops and activities, and express themselves through various forms of art and performance. Inspired by the idea of Burning Man, the event was first held near Cottbus with 500 participants. Since then, Kiez Burn has evolved into an independent local event that embraces the original community principles.

Kiez Burn was founded in 2017 and since 2019 we are a Verein registered based in Berlin.

We believe that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation. That is also why there is no team that decides on the program – all offers are contributed by the attendees themselves. It is for these reasons that Kiez Burn has the potential to create a sense of belonging, and leave a lasting impact on all who participate. A large part of the event budget is collected in a fund for art projects and distributed as a monetary grant to participants who wish to contribute in this way.

Source: deladeso