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You want to actively participate in Kiez Burn but don’t know where or how? You've come to the right place. Here’s an overview of our 9 online tools to Communicate, Connect & Collaborate:

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This is where you are now. Here we introduce Kiez Burn to the public but the information here is only the tip of the iceberg…

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Integrated in our collective Wisdom, this is THE document you need to check if you want to come to Kiez Burn! Here you find answers to all site-related questions, e.g. if you can make a bonfire, if you can bring your speaker/gascooker/pet/child, where you find first aid, and so on.

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Weekly updates are not for you? No problem, just subscribe to the Kiez Burn newsletter and you get monthly love letters from our communicorns with only the most important updates.

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Here you get weekly updates with all relevant information for participating in Kiez Burn. If you are joining us on the playa, make sure to follow this channel!

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We have a Facebook page where you get the same updates as on telegram and a Facebook group where burners connect and share activities. Are you still looking for a camp? This might be the place where you find it.

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As a non-profit event, Kiez Burn is completely run by volunteers. At Kiezsystem YOU can contribute to making Kiez Burn a tiny bit better by e.g. taking a shift during the event or contributing some energy to the general build.

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That’s where the magic happens! If you are involved in any kind of organization (e.g. taking a lead role in your camp, realizing an area of Kiez Burn, etc.), this is the platform where you can collaborate with the community.

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This platform hosts all important documents. Whatever Kiez Burn related info you are looking for, you’ll probably find some wisdom here.

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Art is central to every Burn. We invest the majority of ticket funds in art projects from and for the community. The Dreams platform is where the artists introduce their dreams and the community decides over which art projects are funded.

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The backbone of our community. On Talk we discuss big decisions that have an impact on everyone in the community and create Advice Processes to get everyone's input on these decisions.

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And one account to rule them all! To access all our platforms fully and safely, register for the portal to all Kiez Burn wisdom:

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