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Join us in organizing Kiez Burn

Kiez Burn is a non-profit event entirely organized by volunteers. There are an incredible number of ways to contribute – here we introduce you to a few.

Help us make Burn Night happen!

We still in the middle of the burner season. But for when this season comes to an end we want to welcome everyone again to the next Burn Night. A night to reconnect with the beautiful souls you meet during this year. For now the next burn night is scheduled for 28 September 2024 at Birgit & Bier, Berlin. There still many open positions to take and many ways to get involved. Join us to make this gathering possible.

Take a shift at the event at Kiez Burn 2024

A shift usually takes place during the event and lasts only a few hours - you support us e.g. at the entrance, as a greeter, in the Welfare Area, as a Ranger or in the Volunteers Kitchen. If wanna help out at Kiez Burn in a less involved role, check out our Volunteer platform:

Leads and Realizers juggle more responsibilities and may guide teams of helping hands (see below). If you don't have that much time, why not start with a Volunteers Shift?

Become a Realizer at Kiez Burn 2024

Realizers (or Leads) are essential to making Kiez Burn a reality, working all year long to make the event unforgettable! We're normal people just like you (we swear...), taking on all aspects of event planning, from legal, to safety, to logistics. Anyone can join the orga team, with various roles and skills needed - we're super excited to have new faces on board!

Ready to dive in? Check all open roles:

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sign up for shifts
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