19-23 June & near berlin

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general ticket sale will start on 1st April 2024

Hello, you lovely thing! Welcome home. Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need to participate in the magic of Kiez Burn – a non-profit event near Berlin that celebrates beauty and life in accordance with 11 Principles. It usually takes place in summer at a beautiful location near Berlin.

Come on board

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Kiez Burn 2024 Tickets

Keep the days around 18-23 June free and dust off your camping gear. The main sale opens 1st April at 17:00 Berlin time (be mindful of summer time change!)

Camps & Placement

"Kieze", as we call our camps, are the heart of Kiez Burn and co-create the event. You can now sign up your camp until 24 May to receive all info and get started. Early registration runs until 1 April, so we can invite you to the “Spark” pre-event campout! Placement is only possible after registration – there’s a new process this year: Camps apply for their own spot on the map.

co-create some magic

Community Events

Burners at the Bar, Burn Night, Camp Fundraisers & more...

Wanna get involved?

This is not a cult! 😁 Seriously, the best way to find out and get to know the community is to help co-create the magic of Kiez Burn… Everyone is welcome to join our gatherings, to sign up for realizer roles or shifts. This is a participatory thing: Nothing will be there unless we bring it. We work – and play – on the basis of do-ocracy.

radical accountability division

Kiez Burn strives to create inclusive events where anyone can feel welcome, free, and safe to experiment and express themselves.

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